Launching Blockius Staking Pool with 9944% Initial APR

Blockius (Previously BlockPad)
5 min readMar 21, 2022


To initiate the fundraising era on Blockius launchpad, we are thrilled to announce our natively-developed $BLOS staking pool with an attractive APR.

In order to make staking and yield generation easier and more meaningful, Blockius has developed a flexible staking solution. Along with providing an opportunity to take part in IDOs, we wanted to provide our users a passive reward on their staked amounts.

Along with our Staking Product Launch, we disclosed two types of staking mechanisms. However, to incentivize $BLOS holders flexibly, we are launching a continuous staking pool where they can receive up to 9944% initial APY based on a reward per block mechanism.

Blockius Staking Pool

We believe that stakers also help and contribute to the actual project aside from generating rewards. With such a perspective in mind, we have launched a continuous APR-omitting staking pool where $BLOS holders will be able to receive a passive reward on their staking.

$BLOS Staking Pool Details:

  1. Block per reward
    The deployed continuous staking pool will distribute 0.0095 BLOS tokens per block generated in BNB Chain to stakers in the pool.
  2. Reward per week
    A total of 1907 BLOS tokens will be distributed between available stakers in the pool per week.
  3. Initial APR
    At the time of staking pool launch, users will be able to avail 9944% APR and will gradually reduce as more holders stake their BLOS in the pool.
  4. Minimum lock duration
    BLOS tokens that users stake in the pool will be locked for 14 days and you won’t be able to unstake them before this minimum lock duration.
  5. Minimum stake amount
    At least 50 BLOS tokens will be required as a minimum staking necessity in order to receive rewards from the staking pool.
  6. Harvest window
    The reward is calculated based on block generation and BLOS stakers will be able to claim their accumulated reward after every 7 days.
  7. Staking weightage
    The BLOS holders who are committing a longer staking period will be provided up to 2x of staking weightage.

From a continuous staking pool, you will be able to unstake your staked BLOS tokens after minimum lock duration. Utilizing Unstake Principle feature, you can withdraw your committed principle amount and with the help of Claim Reward feature, you will be able to withdraw generated reward solely.

For example, Alias is staking 2000 BLOS tokens for one year in the staking pool. Based on a one-year commitment and 2x weightage, her principal will act as 4000 BLOS tokens in order to calculate and fetch a reward from the staking pool. She will be able to harvest her generated reward every 7 days while her principle will be locked for one year.

How to stake $BLOS in the staking pool?

Thanks to our intuitive staking user interface, staking BLOS tokens in the continuous staking pool has become easier than ever. Enter the amount you want to stake, play with the weightage scale for an enhanced reward and confirm the transaction — that’s it!

Here is the stepwise procedure to stake BLOS tokens in the staking pool:

$BLOS Contract Address: 0xd5e950837Ad48D08baD2f87bFcF8eD7167bB44BC

Step 1: Purchase BLOS tokens from PCS. (Buy $BLOS)

Step 2: Go to Blockius Staking portal:

Step 3: Connect your Web 3.0 wallet from the upper right corner.

Step 4: Review the pool details and click on the Stake button.

Step 5: Enter the $BLOS amount you want to stake.
(Flexible is chosen when no locking commitment is preferred while Locked is selected when higher weightage with longer locking commitment is required.)

Step 6: Tap on the Stake button and confirm the transaction through your Web 3.0 wallet.

Step 7: Wait till it gets approved on BNB chain. Bingo! You now have successfully staked your BLOS.

You will be able to see your staking details and earned reward on the staking portal. While unstake and harvest can be performed as per the pool details.

How to unstake $BLOS in the staking pool?

Similar to staking, unstaking your BLOS tokens and claiming your earned reward is super easy. Just go to the corresponding pop-up and you will be able to do so without any hustle. Nonetheless, here’s the process:

Note: Unstake button will only become visible after a minimum lock duration of 14 days.

Step 1: Go to Blockius Staking portal:

Step 2: Connect your Web 3.0 wallet from the upper right corner.

Step 3: Click on Unstake button.

Step 4: Use Unstake Principle option if you want to unstake your initially staked amount. Or, utilize Claimed Reward for unstaking earned reward.
(You will be shown the exact principle and earned reward amount that you’re eligible to unstake based on your minimum lock and harvest period respectively.)

Step 5: Tap on Unstake and Approve the transaction from the appearing pop-up.

Let’s consider a flexible unstake scenario to avoid any kind of confusion.

For example, Bob is staking his 2000 BLOS tokens under flexible staking. If he unstakes on the 15th day, he will be unstaking both principle and earned reward together. But if he chooses to unstake reward on the 20th day, he will be able to unstake his principle whenever he wants but following the harvest period, the next accumulated earned reward can only be unstaked after the 27th day.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are there any restrictions on staking BLOS tokens?
You will need at least 50 BLOS tokens for staking while there isn’t any upper limit.

Q: Can I unstake anytime if I stake via flexible staking option?
Yes but you will have to serve the minimum locking period, that’s it.

Q: Will I be provided an allocation for IDOs if I stake through the portal?
A: Yes, of course. That is also one of the purposes of this staking pool.

Q: If I stake $BLOS for 6 months, can I unstake reward in between?
A: Yes, you will be able to claim your earned reward every 7 days.

Q: Is there any deposit or withdrawal fees on staking/unstaking?
A: No, you won’t be charged anything on staking and claiming.