Launching Blockius Liquidity Mining with 10171% Initial APR

Blockius LP Mining

We believe that liquidity providers contribute toward the project’s growth in the longer term as it helps stabilize price impacts on decentralized exchanges. And thus, we will be rewarding $BLOS LP providers with a handsome APR based on duration they stake LP tokens for.

$BLOS LP Mining Pool Details:

  1. Block per reward
    The deployed continuous LP mining pool will distribute 0.0015BLOS tokens per block generated in BNB Chain to LP providers.
  2. Reward per week
    A total of 304 BLOS tokens will be distributed between available LP providers in the pool per week.
  3. Initial APR
    At the time of LP mining pool launch, users will be able to avail 10171% APR and will gradually reduce as more users participate in the pool.
  4. Minimum lock duration
    LP tokens that users stake in the pool will be locked for 14 days and you won’t be able to unstake them before this minimum lock duration.
  5. Harvest window
    The reward is calculated based on block generation and LP stakers will be able to claim their accumulated reward after every 7 days.
  6. Staking weightage
    The LP miners who are committing a longer staking period will be provided up to 2x of staking weightage.

How to stake $BLOS/USDT LP in the mining pool?

Thanks to our intuitive staking user interface, staking LP tokens in the continuous LP mining pool has become easier than ever. Enter the amount you want to stake, play with the weightage scale for an enhanced reward and confirm the transaction — that’s it!

How to unstake $BLOS/USDT LP from the mining pool?

Similar to LP staking, unstaking your LP tokens and claiming your earned reward is super easy. Just go to the corresponding pop-up and you will be able to do so without any hustle. Nonetheless, here’s the process:



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Blockius (Previously BlockPad)

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