Launching Blockius Investor Dashboard on 6 Leading Blockchains

Investor Dashboard Features

  1. Project Information: On the upper left right corner, it depicts basic information like project’s name, logo, respective blockchain and, token smart contract address.
  2. Token information: On the upper right corner, it shows vested tokens out of total supply in the form of the progress bar, number of vested tokens, and current vested TVL.
  3. Claim Interface: The left middle section contains the interface where investors can check and claim their unlocked tokens while knowing the exact time for the next token release.
  4. Token Vesting Details: Utilizing flipped card designs, we are aiming to showcase: total vested tokens, total claimed tokens, remaining tokens for claim, and percentage of supply locked for connected investors.
  5. Vesting Schedule: The lower section is basically the representation of the entire vesting schedule along with release time, tokens to be released, token claim status, and a countdown progress bar for each release.
  6. Transfer Ownership: This feature will allow users to change their token claim addresses under the circumstances of security compromisation or willingness to manage the vesting to another wallet for ease.
  7. Token Accumulation: It terminates the absolute necessity of claiming released tokens every single time when they get unlocked. Investors can claim all tokens together which were not claimed when they were released.



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Blockius (Previously BlockPad)

Blockius (Previously BlockPad)

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