Disclosing Strategic Partnership with AcknoLedger

  • Expanding our ecosystem by offering the essential DeFi tools to metaverse and gaming-based projects introduced by AcknoLedger
  • Strengthen our communities and enables users to view all of the web 3.0 assets across multiple metaverses by one single platform
  • Help gaming and metaverse projects in growing their ecosystem and token price with the help of our staking and LP mining solutions
  • Supplying and delivering static and/or dynamic APY-omitting staking and LP mining pools to AcknoLedger

About BlockPad




A Multichain DeFi Gateway For The Web 3.0 Ecosystem!

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Blockius (Previously BlockPad)

Blockius (Previously BlockPad)

A Multichain DeFi Gateway For The Web 3.0 Ecosystem!

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