Disclosing Blockius Launchpad’s IDO Participation Method

Blockius (Previously BlockPad)
4 min readMar 19, 2022


We are excited to share Blockius IDO participation method, whitelist guidelines, staking mechanism, and how-to guide in this article.

About Blockius Launchpad

Fueled with a suite of DeFi applications, Blockius launchpad is a next-generation fundraising platform for hosting various token sales in the form of:

  1. Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs)
  2. Initial Metaverse Offerings (IMOs)
  3. Initial Game Offerings (IGOs)
  4. Initial NFT Offerings (INOs)
  5. Initial PrivateSale Offerings (IPOs)

Blockius launchpad is the ultimate platform for connecting innovative early-stage projects with an energetic community. Small investors are given equal opportunities in becoming a part of high-potential projects while teams will be leveraging our battle-tested platform and DeFi tools to make a successful launch.

Because of tremendous interest in participating in token sales, there isn’t enough space for everyone. As a result, deployed on Ethereum, BNBChain, Polygon, Avalanche, OEC Chain, and KCC; Blockius launchpad is all set to serve the broader community and exciting projects.

How to Participate in Blockius IDOs?

There exist numerous IDO methods in the crypto space. Tier-based systems don’t incentivize holders while lottery-based FCFS sales fail to satisfy investors. Thus, in order to be as fair as possible, we’ve come up with something that can incentivize holders and please communities as well.

Step 1: Explore upcoming IDOs

Being a multichain launchpad, we will be vetting high-quality projects on every single blockchain that exists on the planet. The focus area will be DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse, GameFi, and the latest trend. After clearing various checks, projects will be onboarded and made visible on upcoming pool sections.

Our Twitter and Telegram announcements will be the fastest way to catch new IDOs on the platform. Moreover, our Telegram moderators and combined 100,000+ members will always be there to keep you updated and discuss various terms regarding upcoming IDOs on the platform.

Step 2: Staking requirements

We anticipate this as the most discussed topic before IDOs and we don’t want to empty your pockets! That having said, we will be organizing two pools to accommodate both large to medium and small scale investors. Have a look:

1️⃣ Pool 1 | Exclusive Pool:

  • Total pool weightage: 70%
  • Staking requirement: 500 BLOS
  • Allocation method: Guaranteed
  • Allocation multiplier: 1x

Guaranteed allocation will be calculated based on the number of tokens you’ve staked and the total staked tokens committed for the particular IDO pool. Greater the number of tokens you stake, higher the allocation you’ll get.

2️⃣ Pool 2 | Community Pool:

  • Total pool weightage: 30%
  • Staking requirement: 100 — 499.99 BLOS
  • Allocation method: First-come-first-serve (FCFS)
  • Allocation multiplier: 2x

If you’re staking anywhere between 100 to 499 BLOS tokens, you will not be left behind. You’ll also be provided IDO allocation calculated as per the exclusive pool, but the investment process will be conducted on FCFS basis. Staking requirement is subjected to change as we progress further.

We will be introducing our natively-developed and Certik-audited staking platform for the IDO staking where investors will also be provided an attractive APR. Staking your BLOS tokens will be effortless utilizing our intuitive staking user interface.

Step 3: Apply for whitelisting

In order to become eligible for participating in token sales and getting an IDO allocation, we will be gathering whitelist entries through forms. Whitelisting forms will also have some simple tasks that can help projects in terms of marketing and gain wide exposure.

Whitelisting will be a straightforward process to participate in IDOs. The dedicated whitelist button will be made available on the IDO pool page itself. You won’t have to go anywhere as a short and simple pop-up will be appeared to fill some of the basic details.

Step 4: Contribute to the IDOs

Upon successfully staking your BLOS tokens and filling the whitelist form, you become eligible for participating in IDOs. Prior to the IDO, your exact allocation will be revealed so that you can just check your allocation and invest your desired amount, right from a single page.

Your IDO Allocation: (Your staked BLOS/Total BLOS staked for Exclusive/Community pool) * Total raise * Respective pool weightage * Allocation multiplier

Based on the number of tokens you stake, you will have access to a corresponding IDO pool as mentioned in step 2. Here are the anticipated IDO rounds:

1️⃣ Round 1 | Guaranteed — Stakers

  • Exclusive Pool: Duration: 5 Hours; Method: Guaranteed
  • Community Pool: Duration: 5 Hours; Method: FCFS

2️⃣ Round 2 | FCFS — Stakers

  • Exclusive Pool: Duration: 3 Hours; Cap: 100, 2500 (min,max)
  • Community Pool: Duration: 3 Hours; Cap: 100, 1500 (min, max)

3️⃣ Round 3| FCFS — Everyone

  • Exclusive Pool: Duration: 2 Hours; Cap: 100, 2500 (min,max)
  • Community Pool: Duration: 2 Hours; Cap: 100, 1500 (min, max)

Every succeeding round will only be available if the total cap doesn’t fill in the previous round. Moreover, the total cap will be a combined cap for all of the rounds to be as fair as possible to investors.

Step 5: Claim purchased tokens

Now as you have successfully contributed to the IDO pool, you are eligible to receive tokens as per the predetermined rate and vesting schedule. Instead of manually distributing tokens on the day of release, we’ve developed a dedicated claim portal for managing IDO token distribution.

Utilizing our Certik-audited and intuitive investor dashboard, every eligible investor will be able to claim invested tokens as per the vesting schedule. Forgot to claim tokens unlocked with two previous releases? Don’t worry, you will be able to claim your all unlocked tokens together!

After our successful $BLOS token launch on PancakeSwap, we will be hosting multiple IDOs on the launchpad. As now you are familiar with the IDO participation method, gather $BLOS to get yourself prepared! Follow our social channels to keep yourself updated.

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