Collaborating with Avoteo to Make Blockchain Crowdfunding Shielded

Blockius (Previously BlockPad)
2 min readNov 22, 2022


Along with contributing to the blockchain metaverse, sport, and gaming industries; Blockius has collaborated with another crowdfunding platform called Avoteo to secure and simplify $AVO vesting process.

Avoteo is establishing undervalued trust among its investors with the help of this collaboration. Utilizing Blockius’s intuitive white label infrastructure, more than 73.5 million $AVO tokens have been locked and vested according to Avoteo tokenomics.

BlockiusVesting and LP Locking are two of the products that handle vesting of any size. Considering the ultimate trust, we have designed our Blockius Vault in a way where we don’t have to interrupt the vesting process as individuals and teams can create customizable vesting schedules on their own.

Similarly, we support four popular and emerging blockchains for locking LP tokens generated by corresponding decentralized exchanges. Anyone can interact with our LP Lock interface and lock LP tokens based on a predefined timeframe. You don’t require technical knowledge either.

In the end, Blockius offers a decentralized way to safeguard investors from a range of projects that might pull out the liquidity or sell off vested tokens. To make our ecosystem strengthened, we have started offering our solutions in the form of white-label solutions to help ingenious teams focus on core development while we take care of necessities.

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About Avoteo

Avoteo is a prominent crowdfunding platform with an integrated talent pool that acts as a bridge between innovative startups and beloved communities. Unlike other blockchain-based crowdfunding platforms, it does not seek investors’ funding for potential projects while letting the community enjoy profits generated by their voted projects.

$AVO — the core of Avoteo ecosystem grants voting power to its holders. With the help of community governance, proposed projects get selected for funding from a funding wallet that is being filled by transactional taxes. Financed projects assign company shares to Avoteo in return and $AVO holders will participate in the success of the project.

Utilizing this unique model of blockchain-based crowdfunding, Avoteo not only favors the community but also entrepreneurs to get their ideas funded, and talents to work directly with visionary teams in the disruptive blockchain industry. Thus, Avoteo looks forward to leading newfangled projects to share success with all.

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