Announcing Technical Partnership with SupraOracles

Blockius (Previously BlockPad)
2 min readMar 16, 2022


Blockius is pleased to announce its technical collaboration with SupraOracles, a next-generation cross-chain oracle solution for dApps.

Blockius is on the mission to accelerate the DeFi adoption rate fueled by a variety of blockchains. As there exist a couple of blockchains to integrate into dApps; it requires better, faster, accurate, and more secure off-chain data.

Being a multichain suite of DeFi applications for the Web3.0 ecosystem, we natively need a cross-chain oracle solution to communicate between our DeFi applications and smart contracts in a fast and accurate manner. That’s where SupraOracles comes into the picture.

SupraOracles aims to bridge the gap between traditional capital markets and the Web3.0 ecosystem. Their revolutionary oracle toolset empowers the developer community so that they may conveniently create, deploy, and manage data applications with superior performance, robustness, and agility.

SupraOracles connects real-world data to public and private chains, empowering interoperable smart contracts that secure financial markets’ future. Led by seasoned professionals with experience in big data, traditional and decentralized finance, it is on a mission to power the next generation of powerful apps and smart contracts to do more.

Together with SupraOracles, Blockius will continue to help and contribute to the growth of DeFi, Metaverse, and Gaming industry by transferring off-chain data into the metaverse, as well as providing cross-chain functionality to enhance user experience.

From enthusiasts collecting NFTs, skilled players potentially earning a passive income from P2E games to just a wanderer roaming or visiting concerts in Metaverse, one thing is assured: a faster, more accurate, and the better digital era is around the next block!

About Blockius

Blockius is a multichain network of decentralized applications that acts as a gateway to the Web 3.0 ecosystem. It predominantly solves the issue of investor confidence in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) by providing a suite of decentralized and intuitive products with compatibility of multiple blockchains.

It offers a decentralized way to safeguard investors from a range of projects that might pull out the liquidity or sell off vested tokens. On the other hand, projects can leverage its ecosystem from raising funds to support tokens by staking and liquidity mining applications.

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