Announcing Dead Knight’s IDO on Blockius Launchpad

About Dead Knight

Dead Knight is more than just collectibles. It is an 8-bit P2E RPG NFT game taking place in a fantasy medieval world. It is also an inspiration and a character in the gaming metaverse, where you can use your Knight to participate in the game’s special features, particularly the P2E mechanism.

Dead Knight IDO Details on Blockius

Closer to the Dead Knight IDO on Blockius, here are the important information regarding token metrics, IDO pool details and listing.

✦ Token Metrics

  • Token ticker: $DKM
  • Token chain: Solana
  • Total supply: 500,000,000 $DKM
  • Initial market cap: $408,000
  • Contract address: TBA

✦ IDO Pool Details

  • Pool size: 50,000 USDT
  • Pool weightage: Exclusive pool —70%, Community Pool — 30%
  • IDO price: $0.032/DKM
  • Accepted currency: USDT-BSC
  • Vesting term: 15% at TGE, 10% monthly for 8 months, 5% last month
  • Allocation method: Exclusive pool — Guaranteed, Community Pool — FCFS

✦ IDO & Listing Timeline

  • $BLOS staking snapshot: March 24th, 2022 | 12:30 UTC
  • $DKM allocation disclose: March 24th, 2022 | 17:30 UTC
  • IDO starts: March 25th, 2022 | 08:00 UTC
  • IDO ends: March 25th, 2022 | 18:00 UTC
  • Token distribution: March 30th, 2022 | TBA
  • Token listing: Raydium, March 30th, 2022 | TBA
  • $DKM listing price: $0.032

How to participate in Dead Knight IDO on Blockius?

As per the Blockius IDO participation method, investors are required to stake $BLOS tokens on the platform. Here’s how to get them:

1. Purchase $BLOS

If you still don’t own any $BLOS, it is time to get you some $BLOS so that you can participate in Dead Knight IDO.

2. Stake your $BLOS

Staking your $BLOS tokens can get you a guaranteed $DKM IDO allocation. Here’s how to stake your $BLOS on Blockius:

3. Apply for Whitelisting

Once you’re done with staking your $BLOS tokens on Blockius staking portal, you’ll need to fill out the whitelisting form. Here’s how to do it:

4. Contribute to $DKM IDO

Prior to the IDO time, your exact allocation will be revealed at the above-mentioned time so that you can be prepared with BSC-USDT. Based on the number of $BLOS you staked, you will have access to a corresponding IDO pool — either Exclusive or Community. Here are the anticipated IDO rounds:

  • Exclusive Pool: Duration: 5 Hours; Method: Guaranteed
  • Community Pool: Duration: 5 Hours; Method: FCFS
  • Exclusive Pool: Duration: 3 Hours; Cap: 100, 2500 (min,max)
  • Community Pool: Duration: 3 Hours; Cap: 100, 1500 (min, max)
  • Exclusive Pool: Duration: 2 Hours; Cap: 100, 2500 (min,max)
  • Community Pool: Duration: 2 Hours; Cap: 100, 1500 (min, max)

5. Claim your purchased $DKM

If you’ve cleared all of the steps, you will be able to claim your purchased $DKM tokens through the claim dashboard. Here’s how to claim your purchased $DKM tokens: (Make sure to fill your Solana wallet with a little $SOL to cover the transaction fee)



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